is a Belgian-Austrian company established for a single purpose – to build an exclusive worldwide network facilitating business cooperation. We have decided to develop a know-how transfer program for producers and traders pursuing their business activities on national markets all around the world.


to share our unique know-how through exclusive sublicences. Our new Licensees using the transferred know-how will become members of our network as full-fledged partners. The goal is not only to pursue business but also to develop and promote partnership.

The founders

Kandussi Group

an Austrian company with 50 years of successful history of sand stone processing, concrete production and engineering. Kandussi Group is a business expert in construction industry in the Central and East Europe region.

Scheys Beton

a leading Belgian company producing concrete blocks, prefabricates and pavers for the markets of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg for 25 years.

Our services

Our main goal is to establish strong and lasting relationships with concrete block producers or local / national traders. We offer our know-how, including exclusive license rights for production and sale of highly innovative and copyrighted solutions. Our technical support is backed by actual experience and knowledge of the equipment, technical information and marketing tools in a single package.


Our products

We offer the sub-licences for production and sale of unique copyrighted concrete solutions in the form of simple and effective solutions with a wide range of potential applications – from home fences to slope stabilizations and rail and road transport structures. Our products are really cool, unique and patented worldwide.